Master Plan Update

What an exciting time to be a member of the Princess Anne! As you all know, our membership completed a Membership Satisfaction Survey which ranked the areas of our Club to be enhanced. 68% definitively ranked a warmed-up, cozier Chesapeake Room their number one priority. Our Board of Directors heard you clearly and formed a Master Plan and special Building Committee to work with numerous architects and contractors in order to execute this warm up and future projects. 

The Chesapeake Room Warm Up

We are excited to share this project's designs with you. Baskervill Architects out of Richmond have developed an updated, rich design drawn with inspiration from the timeless prestige of the Chris-Craft brand name, which encompasses the history of elegance in pleasure boating. The customs and values of this elite brand are brought through in the Chesapeake's custom materials including fine wood, leather and high-end fixtures.

The reinvigorated Chesapeake will be a wonderful gathering place for everyone – individuals, couples and families – to relax with a cocktail after play, catch the game or settle in for a nice meal. At this point, the intention is to provide continuous service for most of the day, providing members a place to grab a cup of coffee, pop open their laptop for teleworking or enjoy the PACC’s exquisite lunch and dinner service. 

The renovation to The Chesapeake will uphold the rich foundation that is the heart of our Club and bring in accentuating qualities steeped in customs and values.
Project Timeline
  • Began on Feb. 18, 2019 
  • Finalize in early summer 2019 
Project Scope
  • New bar and all new furniture, fixtures and equipment
  • New millwork including warming of overhead beams
  • Fireplace, soft seating area, community table and wine display
  • New furnishings and features on the Upper Terrace
Operations During Project
  • The Linkhorn Lounge will remain open seating on a first-come, first-served basis.
    • During lunch & brunch hours, members under the age of 18 are welcome in the lounge.
    • During dinner & cocktail service hours (5:00 pm+), we kindly request that members remain ages 18 and over.
    • We ask that parties of 10 or more contact McCall Andy (757-440-3101) or Emily Rehmert (757-428-4141 ext. 340) and they will do their very best to accommodate your party.
  • The Upper Terrace will be closed during the project.
  • During the refresh, reservations will be available at Breakers restaurant and can be made by calling 757-961-2884.
  • Don't forget, you can always enjoy your Princess Anne favorites by ordering to-go. 
Questions? Please contact General Manager Bill Shonk at 757-440-3100.

Concept Designs

Click the images below to view the enlarged concepts.

Bar & Reception 
Bar and Reception  

Floor Plan
Furniture Plan  





Bar and Reception  

Hard Hat Happenings 3/7/19

Here's the latest on the Chesapeake warm up:
  • Demo of the Chesapeake has been completed. 
  • Plumbing and electrical for the new Chesapeake bar has been completed. You may still notice a few access holes in the ceiling of the first floor, which will be covered very soon.
  • The ceiling has been painted.
  • Off-site construction of the Chris Craft-inspired, 28' bar has begun.

Doyle Palmer of Campostella Builders & Supply Corp. discusses mill work with Architect David Wilbourne of Baskervill.
PACC Assistant Manager Mardy Colling and Interior Designer Allison White of Baskervill stand at the "corners" of the new, 28' Chesapeake bar (that's a lot of room to sling a drink!).  Project Manager Craig Mellinger of Clancy & Theys (the man who keeps the train on the track) poses with PACC Building Committee Member Jack Todd.
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