About The Princess Anne

Founded in 1916, the Princess Anne began as a modest social Club founded by a group of Norfolk businessmen looking for a place to recreate in what was then a coastal backwater. It has grown to become one of the finest retreats in the Commonwealth of Virginia and a haven for its members, many of whom have made it the center of their social and recreational lives.

The club boasts a first-rate golf course that winds through stands of stately pines and live oaks and along narrow waterways. It also features an extensive tennis facility with indoor and outdoor courts; a fully-appointed clubhouse that includes spacious locker rooms, cozy bars and a restaurant as good as any "at the Beach"; and a modern swimming pool complex.

Just as important is the ethos that exists at the Princess Anne, and the stylish yet understated feel of the place is remarkably similar to the one that its founders strove to establish there over 100 years ago, thanks in no small part to the presence of third and fourth generation members.

But as the club has honored its past, it also continues to thrive in the present. The community in which it is located and the determined men and women who nurtured it so lovingly through the years have ensured that it would become the prosperous place it is today — more than a century old, and better than ever before.